Winter 2013 Demo

by Night Witch

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Recorded in November 2013 at Franklin Manor


released November 25, 2013

All songs recorded by David Settle!



all rights reserved


Night Witch Tallahassee, Florida

Night Witch is Nathan, Nick, Shaw and Rosie

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Track Name: Why Am I Here?
Remind me again
Why am I here?

Why do I subject myself to
watch this macho shit
watching boys prove
their masculinity
while pushing women aside
when almost every other band
is another white boy crying
about slut breaking his heart

Why am I here?
Why do I want this?

why do I want a part of this fucking boys club
where any word I say against rape
is questioned or trivialized?
where I can't scream about my issues
without someone screaming they want to fuck me

Why am I here?
Why do I want this?

This song is about feeling alienated as a woman in the hardcore scene. The conflict between my feelings of loving hardcore music and despising the bro-like mentality I see at almost every show.
Track Name: Filibuster
When women are screaming at the government
for 13 hours straight
and these old white men refuse to listen?
Our government has failed
it cannot be fixed

if thousands of voices screaming
in unison cannot be heard
What can I do?
What do I say?
How can I scream
when my voice grows hoarse
Fist in the air
Burn it to the ground

I wrote this song after the filibuster of Wendy Davis. It's about my feeling of utter uselessness and hopelessness to make a real change within our current capitalist system.
Track Name: Rarlem Hex
You are a coward
a waste of space
You have made us feel un-safe
You have driven us away

You are not welcome here.
You have violated us, and abused us.

You have treated us like objects
Took away our voice
Made us feel guilty and ashamed
Took away our security

You have made us feel worthless
and we are done being fucking nice


This one goes out to any and all rapists who still hang out at punk shows.
Track Name: Silence is Acceptance
We need to start taking action
Too many things are left un-said
My voice can't be the only one screaming
My voice is not the only one in pain

Your silence is acceptance

Stand up, fight back

I will not "let it go"
I will not calm down

Your silence is acceptance

This song is about people who are so afraid of conflict or confrontation that they would rather "stay out of it", "not pick sides" or "let it resolve itself". These attitudes or apathy and neutrality are very damaging to a community. When you silently let something wrong happen, you might as well be saying you support it. If you are not overtly anti-racist/anti-sexist/etc. then you are accepting of the other side. It's time to stop being vague and start taking action.
Track Name: Communication
Just because you don't see it
doesn't mean it isn't there
But you are to blinded by ego
to step back and self reflect
You can't handle any criticism
But it needs to be addressed
Claim a scene of open acceptance
but when it's questioned, you shut down

Communication is key
to a successful community
Your actions have consequences
All of us have privilege
and refusing to keep it in check
is not fucking punk!

Refusing to analyze your actions and the shit that's out of your mouth
claiming free speech and unity while you're shouting bigotry?

Communication is key
to a successful community

Talk to each other!

This song is about "punx" not getting it. Yes there is sexism and racism happening in the scene. No you don't see it because you're a white male. Yes you are taking up space with your high kick moshing. No I'm not going to apologize asking you to cool it.
Track Name: Dresses
Dresses with pockets!
They go deep
they go wide
don't give me slacks
with pockets sewn shut
Am I a 4 or am I 11?
medium or large?
fuck that !
gimmie dresses with pockets!
Track Name: Small Talk
Too nervous to let you see
an open side of me.
can't figure out what to say
too nervous to say anything
my thoughts just come out as jumbled words
too busy trying to sound poetic
Usually blurting out,
"oh…that sucks"

Too anxious to engage
in petty conversation
Can't focus on your words
Cause I'm thinking of a response

Can't find the right words
to give you a sense of comfort
Too awkward to ask questions
End up talking about myself

Small talk

Feel like going out
Feel like staying in
trying to find the energy
and time to make new friends

Small talk
Small thoughts

This song is pretty obvious!! I am an anxious, awkward ball of mess and it usually comes off as superficial or mean or rude. I'm trying, I swear.
Track Name: Constant Vigilance
Why must we always live in fear?
Bodies ripped in half
Telling us it’s our fault
To be careful
When did this become a social norm?

To laugh at someone’s pain
Don't walk alone
Don't walk alone at night
Listen for footsteps
Don't dress like a slut
Don't get drunk
Don't look them in the eye

Constant vigilance